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Bringing creativity to Sunderland!

30 October 2019

 A big announcement came earlier this year, Sunderland will be getting it's own arena/venue to host music and other events. This came after our fire station was partly turned into a creative space for performers. All next to the Empire, the most creative part of the city, Keel Square.

Curiosity got the better of me so I started to look into these plans. What could come of them? How could this benefit us in the future? Will the plans get off the ground?

I can tell you. The building work is starting, there's no going back now. Is it possible we could be on the edge of the creative revolution? Is Sunderland the new place to be if you aspire to be the next big actor, director, musician? We will find out soon enough but everything seems to be falling into place.

Are us creatives finally getting appreciated for our hard work? What do you think?

Also what would you say to Sunderland's own film festival to celebrate all the unknown talent around the city? 

We welcome your opinions.