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Cycling In Sunderland

18 September 2019

We are going to make our own suggestions on what we would like to see as improvements to our City Landscape, infrastructure and the wellbeing of our residents  and visitors. Our first thoughts relate to "wellbeing" & cycling and a strategy to link all of our suburbs and housing estates via safe cycle ways and paths to our wonderful and improving Seaburn sea front via our extensive  array of public parks. What are your thoughts on a  community bike project where bikes can be collected in the suburb and estates and either returned or deposited at a safe drop off point along the coast. Why not have a cycle route linking South Shields with Whitburn, Seaburn and Seaham Harbour. 

Do we need a capable cycle zsar to deliver this project for the city?

Please contribute to our discussion by liking and sharing to show support.

Next Wednesday we will be looking at a new topic relating to a Wednesday market day, free car parking, discounted lunches and preferential rates from car workshops, solicitors, estate agents and surveyors, hairdressers, beauticians, retailers and other businesses who would like to contribute to the scheme.