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How to ace Instagram!!!

19 September 2019

Do you ever just look online and see people with thousands of followers and hundreds of loyal likers every post? I do and I get jealous, as do others. It's everyone's aim to be seen or noticed whether it be by celebrities, the world and customers. 

One thing I've noticed while building one of my online accounts, it's all about the aesthetics. People want something they can look at every day in awe. Whether it be a colour theme, a specific topic or just quotes. 

Let's start with how to make a timeline aesthetic...

Pick a colour. That's my suggestion. Think of a colour that portrays your message in the right way. A colour that will grab everyones attention. Don't be afraid to re-post because the colours don't match. We all do that. 

Try to stay with the same filter. A lot of people edit their photos, it's no secret, but the best way to edit is to brighten up the colour. Cameras seem to wash out any photo taken, unless you get them professionally taken. If you want to go all out, do it. We all like to be impressive.

When it comes to starting an account. The best way is to look at the trending hashtags. Look at what your competitors use and copy. Beware, some buy their followers, like and more. You can tell this based on who likes their photos. If it doesn't look real, it probably isn't.

If you see loyal followers on a competitors account...take them. I usually go for the private accounts because you can easily see if they will follow you back. If someone doesn't follow back, it's best to unfollow. If you follow more than follows you. People get suspicious. They apparently think you're boring. If you have less following than followers, they won't follow you as it's a trust issue.

So all of the above is aimed at Instagram, although this can work for Facebook too. Also, make sure you update both these apps on a daily basis. Sometimes, glitches can occur when the algorithms get messed with to the point posts go invisible at certain times, or the audience gets reduced. Watch out and good luck.