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Modernising the town!

30 September 2019

For us who live in Sunderland, it can be a world of envy when looking at the places around us. Look at all those new developments in Newcastle? Have you seen the new quayside renovation? I'm sure we all have heard about it.

Do you ever think, that could be us? Why isn't it us? I certainly do. Over the last year, I've been doing my research on past times and I came across a surprising revelation. The Bridges opened in 1988 and it's interior hasn't been updated since then. The same floor, the same roof, the same almost everything and people wonder why the slightest bit of rain or wind can put a window in. The only difference in that time is was partially extended and there's newer shops. Is this the reason we're behind every other shopping centre? The likes of the Galleries and Metro Centre got updated in the late 2000's and continue to be regenerated to keep up with the ever so developing times. Is it our turn now? 

Can you imagine how successful our little city could be with some love? The Bridges could be extended to include Holmeside and Blandford Street, create a walkway above to link the streets and merge shops together. How does that sound? 

The cinema could be moved closer to the centre so it won't be forgotton about or even added to the shopping centre so people have less of a walk if they wanted to go? It's interesting for sure. 

Another idea could be reopening our historical builidings along Holmeside to their former glory and popularity. Create a facility for the youth, what about an outdoor gym/play park? A soft play for young kids? It could help promote a healthy lifestyle while also keeping the kids out of mischief. 

What would you like to see that could be beneficial for everyone in Sunderland?