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22 December 2016

Renting is a funny old thing. Many people are looking for that home they can just move into. Compared to houses for sale where people are expecting to knock out walls, rip up carpets and retile the bathroom. That’s why I would suggest your rental should a ready made home. 

The best way to achieve this is simple… 

1. Keep the kitchen modern and bright 

2. Make sure the bathroom is contemporary and stylish 

3. Have neutral décor … THROUGHOUT – there’s nothing worse than that dark red or blue carpet to put someone off! 

4. Try not to wall paper – you can limit your audience 

5. Don’t pave your garden!! Grass can be a pain with the mowing and the raking but it is more desirable than a block paved back yard 

6. Drab curtains are a big no no!! a curtain pole will do; tenants will often be happy to get their own curtains 

7. Bubbly laminate – speaks for itself, make sure your laminate flooring fits properly. 

8. Internal doors – an internal door may sound ridiculous as a deciding factor but spending a little extra on a nice internal door can make a whole lot of difference – trust me 

9. Attention to detail, this can be little things such as replacing the grout in the kitchen and bathroom before a new tenant moves in to making sure doors and windows are in good condition. This speaks volumes to a prospective tenant 

10. To furnish or not to furnish? This is always your decision, and there’s no right answer as different tenants are looking for different thing. We do suggest that you supply white goods, such as a fridge, washing machine, dishwasher and oven – it can make life a little easier, for all parties