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Rebuilding Civic Pride by illuminating the city.

02 October 2019

Light up the spirit of our city and improve the quality of all aspects of the night time environment. Let's create an appealing city identity and increase commerce & rebuild our civic pride by illuming our historic builidings and monuments which are amazing features of architecture and engineering. 

Welcome to our weekly Wednesday slot...where we try and cultivate ideas that might help in making our city a nicer and more vibrant place in which we live, work, socialise and shop. Over the last couple of weeks we've suggested opening up our city neighbourhoods, estates and wonderful seafronts via cycle paths and community bike hubs that could even possibly connect our seafront with Seaham to the south and South Shields and North.

Last week we hinted on holding a market day. A day to attract people from Seaham, Houghton, Washington and the villages of East Durham to come and shop, east and use our garages, MOT stations, hairdressers, coffee shops, solicitors, insurance brokers, pubs and dentists etc. We thought free parking, subsided bus fares and a discounted booklet for all those local businesses who would like to participate. 

How about actually paying a small fee for local musicians to play on the street corners and generally make it a happier place to be?

This week our thoughts drifted to Autumn and winter, the dark afternoons and long nights. How about illuminating our landmark buildings with floods of lights. We thought of Mackies Corner, The Peacock, The Dun Cow, Fire Station & how about our wonderful churches which surround the city centre?

I am sure you can think of many more. We also like the post office and the buildings around Sunniside.