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The Art of Colour

21 October 2016

Landlords can often request that a property remains a neutral colour. However, this is your home! I’m not suggesting that you go against your landlord’s wishes and have rainbow rooms, but there are always subtle ways to add colour throughout your home.


Cushions are a simple way to decorate any room. Cream walls and a brown leather sofa are a great starting point for many homes. Pretty much any colour would add to this room! Duck Egg Blue, Fuchsia Pink, Flame grilled Orange… the possibilities are endless. From there you can match lampshades, photo frames, flowers and ornaments with your palette.


Coloured LED lighting isn’t just for those bars in town! LED lights can change a space extremely quickly. Lining kitchen cupboards or around mirrors, you can buy these strips that can change colours if you wish. 


A large rug is an easy way to add a splash colour into a bedroom or living room. A large fluffy rug also is a no brainer for adding comfort. 


Curtains are a great way to bring colour into your home… especially in the bathroom. A snazzy bathroom curtain can make any white suite bathroom more bearable. You don’t have to go out and buy a rubber ducky curtain (that is unless you like ducks) a plain colour or patterned curtain could brighten up that morning shower.

Curtains are great as they are so versatile. Curtains can long, short, heavy, light, patterned, plain and even translucent. 

Feature Furniture

Feature furniture can be a great way to brighten up a room. That one chair that just needs to be a different colour… or a stand out coffee table.