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The Bold Type

08 July 2019

Keeping up with the modern day can be hard. You've gotta do everything you can to stand out from the crowd and be unique, includng with your interior design. Pastels and plain have been replaced by bursts of tropical paradise. 

Greens, blues, yellows are some of the most common colours in this must have craze. No matter what design, a splash of colour can change the most basic items into something new.

These interiors really grab your attention and transform the whole room into another world. Everyone thinks coloured tiles are a thing of the past, however they couldn't be more wrong. These beauties make you feel like you're in a 5 star resort, fit for a King and Queen.

Yellow is the colour of happiness and also the sun. It has the gift of keeping you calm and grounded. Mix it up and create a new look just like they did.

Greenery whether it's real or fake; it can add a little reminder that nature is important in every day life and we should do more to save the planet. We need plants as much as they need us. They can bring inspiration into once a plain room.

Dark colours, are usually labelled as depressing and gothic but not when matched up with pastels.  Take this baby pink and prussian blue. It's unique and bold. Not many expect to see such a statement. This room represents a forward thinker, someone whose personality stands out above all.

Contrast colours all the way. ark blues are the rage and so are yellows. Together they create a spiritual realm of calm. This is a down to earth design that can send you into a trance.  Everything is aesthetically pleasing to capture to capture your imagination. You'd expect this room to be gloomy but with big open windows, it will make the space glow.