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The Elephant in the Spare Room

07 October 2016

There’s a time and a place for everything, and what you do with your spare room is a great example of this. 

The Professional, 

Not enough time in the day to finish those report in the office? A home office is more than likely a perfect option for you. This is also a way to be at home with your loved ones but keep work separate. Or maybe even a walk in wardrobe, to save those hectic mornings? After all, you’ll need somewhere to keep those clean suits crisp. 

The Creator, 

Any creative person would be lucky to have their own space, whether it is an Art Studio, Music Room or Workshop – your spare room could be harbouring creativity. This idea is great for any budding artist, musician or model maker! It’s a chance to be able to carry out your hobby in the warmth (as garages tend to get cold in the witer) and it also means you keep other areas of the house clutter free from your brushes, tools and untuned strings.

The Cultured, 

For those cultured types, there are the less obvious spare space fillers. Any literary’s dream is probably to own their own library filled with timeless classics such as Fitzgerald and Wilde, or even a fiction fanatic that wants wall to wall Potter! 

Or for those horse riders, shooters or even dog walkers …. A muddy cloakroom could save your carpets! Show case your saddles, tweed, hunting gear or even your collars but keep the mud away from your home with a room designed to be muddy!

Or for those Ramsey’s in training … a kitchen pantry could be your secret haven. Store those foods from around the world or all your baking successes. 

The Focused, 

Crazy about those gains? A home gym could be your best answer to the idle spare room. Cut the costs on expensive gym memberships and invest in some good home gear from amazon. It would cut down the commute to the gym and could even get your partner involved. What could go wrong?

The Parents, 

A playroom is an easy way to keep the kids happy, and you for that matter. But don’t just stick their toys in a box and put a television in there … create their very own soft play area! Foam blocks are easy enough to source and a home ball pit could be the answer to your rainy day problems. It could also give you some peace and quiet.

The Party Type,

Well known party animal, or just up for a good time? These options could suit you down to a tee! Why not go for a games room, featuring a full length bowling alley (if you’ve got the space) but any large screen television featuring a games console and bean bags is a games room... and of course not forgetting a pool table!

For those hard-core partiers out there, there’s one simple solution. Be the god of all your friends and turn your spare space into a bar! Home bars can come in all shapes and sizes so don’t be put off by the idea of it. It could just be a small fridge and cupboard or you can go all out and get taps fitted.