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The latest social media hack!!!

23 October 2019

As someone who has had a single account for 5 years or so. I noticed that something was happening over the last year. As I kept gaining large amounts of followers, I kept disappearing off everyone's radar. People didn't see my posts, stories, anything that I tried to post. No matter what time I posted, the day, I followed what the insights told me for so long instead of trusting my own instinct. Only now I've come to the conclusion it's all down to me and what mistakes I've done.

Recently a new button has been added into the updates of Instagram. I dare you to click on your followers, click the 3 dots and remove all the fake, inactive  and spam accounts. I didn't want to lose 1000 followers or unfollow 100,  but that's something you can always get back. Bare in mind, I've had this account from when I was 15. A lot of the followers hadn't even posted since then. I slowly did this over a few days and surely enough, unfamiliar people burst onto my timeline, people I hadn't seen in years, celebrities I didn't know I followed. It was a pleasant experience to see.

Not only that, I uploaded a post that I thought people would like around mid day. I went for my dinner and came back. 50 likes in an hour. I was lucky if I had 20 in an hour. Next thing I know, my audience was expanding again. The majority of my likes were from real people, real accounts, people that were from the local area. That should be everyones goal. 

I have a confession. I did go following random people worldwide just so I could look popular and get brand deals. It never worked. Life lesson, followers don't mean everything and sometimes it comes with consequences.