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Vinyl – A renter’s best friend

23 September 2016

We can often find that our rental properties aren’t decorated to our taste – that’s just because everyone’s style is different. However, just because you haven bought the property shouldn’t mean that you can’t put your own mark on it… after all it is you who lives there. Using vinyl is the easiest solution to keep both you and your landlord happy, as it can be quickly and easily removed. 

In the kitchen:

Vinyl can come in all different patterns, including wooden or marble patterns. So if you and your kitchen are clashing, there is a simple fix. You can wrap you counter tops and appliances to whatever style you chose. 

Vinyl wrapping does not have to stick to your counters … kitchen tables and even walls can be wrapped to give off a creative look. It is also possible to buy “peel and stick” wooden planks to get rid of any ugly floor.

On the walls:

The great thing about vinyl is that it can be cut into all different shapes or sizes, which means you can use it to design your own wall patterns. It’s best if you use a template and go for regulated patterns. Your landlord may be opposed to wallpaper, therefore, this is a viable solution. Resulting in prettier walls for you and no hassle for your landlord when you leave, or for you if you want a change. 

All these options are available with one simple material. Vinyl paper is also pretty cheap to buy, which is an added bonus. Is versatility is also a bonus, when decorating.