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New Developments
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New Developments in Sunderland

A brand new home is real fresh start for any family. You can decorate every single room exactly to suit your individual needs. This means there’s no more putting up with the bright pink carpet that the previous owner adored!

For the first time in your property you now have the say-so for every single part of the decor in your home. These choices extend to include important and costly decisions such as carpets, curtains, bathrooms and even kitchen worktops.

This means you can retain heat in your property more easily than in an older building.

But as well as looking exactly how you want, a brand new home is very kind to your pocket as well. Newly built homes are much better insulated than older properties and include double-glazing windows as standard.

If you’ve been worried about global warming then you can rest assured in your brand new home.

Most new build houses are kinder on the environment as the efficient boilers, heaters and insulation mean you don’t have to waste electricity and gas.

Most new homes also come with an energy rating certificate which means you can be sure that you are reducing your carbon footprint – and helping save the planet.


You can really negotiate some cushy extras when buying a new build – if you know what to look for.

Eager housing developers are adept at knowing what will encourage a curious buyer into a sale. Financial incentives include getting your stamp duty paid or a certain amount of cash back after you move in.

But you can also negotiate for special bonuses like wood flooring throughout the property, included curtains, carpets, special tiling in your bathroom or kitchen, and top quality landscaping for your garden.

A lot of builders will also include white products such as a fridge freezer, dishwasher or washing machine so always ask before you agree a price !

A good night’s sleep…

If helping the environment doesn’t make you sleep easier then the top notch security of a new build definitely should.

New homes are far safer and more secure than older properties. Fire safety, in particular, is helped by the standard installation of smoke alarms, fire doors, and fire retardant materials.

It is also written into UK law that the architectural design of new homes, and even new extensions, must adhere to rigorous fire safety standards – which greatly increases your chance of escape should a fire break out.

Another bonus is most builders will include security locks, burglar alarms and security lighting as part of your standard specification.

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We have worked on flag ship developments over the past 20 years. We can offer the services of first class quantity surveyors, structural engineers and project managers...

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Developing land to deliver new homes is a complex process. Our long established land team has extensive experience working on both greenfield and brownfield sites...

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Our expert team of chartered surveyors can provide an in-depth land appraisal, branding and design advice, sales progression, completion and more...

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